Imperishable Playthrough: Marisa Kirisame (IN Stage 4 Lunatic)

Imperishable Playthrough: Marisa Kirisame (IN Stage 4 Lunatic)
عرض شاشه كامله
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A video of me defeating in a rather spectacular performance the resident ordinary black-white, Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame (once again, if you don't know her name you have never played Touhou) is one of the two possible stage 4 bosses of the game Imperishable Night, the 8th installment of the Touhou Project. The Touhou project is a series of vertical shooters known as danmaku, which means "bullet hell". That's an understatement. It was created by Team Shanghai and is currently being managed by him, since Team Shanghai is a one man team. ZUN's the man.

If Reimu Hakurei is the player 1 of the Touhou series, Marisa is player 2. She holds second place in the record for most appearance in the series, second only to Reimu herself. The best choice of words to describe Marisa would be the following: a kleptomaniac psychopath who disregards the well being of her fellow humans/youkai. But I believe that's one of the symptoms of being a psychopath, so saying she disregards the well being of her fellow human/youkai is redundant.

Marisa is one of the few characters with a real, living, breathing family member... as far as we know. She's an only daughter and her family (or her father at least) lives in the Human Village, possibly running a shop. She also holds the closest relationship with the sole humanoid male that's not dead or unseen in Gensokyo, Rinnosuke Morichika. So if there's any hope of holding an heterosexual relationship in Gensokyo is going to be, ironically, between Marisa and Kourin (Rinnosukes nickname). "Ironically" because Marisa is the holder of the world strongest harem, consisting of Flandre, Alice, Reimu, Patchouli, and Nitori. In other words, she's also the prime candidate to being less likely straight. No wonder Kourin has to resort to MANservice to satisfy his lust. Personally, I'm all for Mari x Kourin since I dont like Alice, I like Reimu a little too much, and Flandre is too young for my taste. Nitori is fine though.

Another interesting note: Marisa is a copycat. Sometimes she is even depicted with ears and tail. And to Patchouli's misfortune, she scored a catness of 86 out of 96 (The closest digit to 100 thats a multiple of 2, 3, and 4) Unfortunately, I don't remember the doujin where that appeared, so is more or less an estimate -_-

Anyways, this copying disorder (a variation of her kleptomaniac disorder) has led to many things. She has copied Patchy's Non-directional Laser, which led to this humorous small doujin by Ennui Akadako where Marisa scolds Satori for copying other character's spell, saying is like stealing and that is wrong. Cue for panel jumping to raging Patchouli being calmed down by Alice and Nitori.

She also copied her signature move, the Master Spark, way back in the days from Yuka Kazami. I don't know if I should find awesome that Marisa stole one of the most awesome attacks from one of the most awesome characters, or if I should feel rage at Marisa stealing from Yuka.

Lastly, Marisa is the series resident Badass Normal. Unlike the other human characters, she wasn't born with an amazing power. She's not Reimu with her divine intervention, or Sakuya with her time stopping power, or Sanae with her ability to cause miracles. She's just an ordinary witch. She wasn't born with an aptitude for magic like the other witches (Alice and Patchy). She rose to the top through sheer determination. No trick, just trained very hard. She's that good. But I'll speak more about Marisas later.


Title: Oriental Dark Flight
Circle: dBu
Album: Flower Divertimento
Original: Oriental Dark Flight

Title: 魔女達の舞闘会
Circle: dBu
Album: Nostalgic Requiem
Original song: Witches Ball ~ Magus

Artist: Ezel-Ash
Album: touhou saiko? (Not sure, Ezel-Ash is such a mystery)
Original song: Love-coloured Master Spark

For more info on the Touhou project, check the wiki:



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