Scarlet Playthrough: Patchouli Knowledge (EoSD Stage 4 Lunatic)

Scarlet Playthrough: Patchouli Knowledge (EoSD Stage 4 Lunatic)
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A video of me getting raped by the weekly witch, Patchouli Knowledge

Patchouli Knowledge (most informative name EVAR) is the Stage 4 boss of the game Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, the 6th installment of the Touhou Project. The Touho Project is a series of danmaku shooter where the 4th stage boss always changes her pattern depending on what character you use. Hell, they might change who they are entirely. Except Aya and Murasa. They are black sheep.

Originally, I wanted to do this Lunatic run with Marisa. Later on I switched to Reimu B. I ended with Reimu A. Why? Yes, it was to make my life easier, but it wasn't because I found using homing amulets easy. I dislike homing amulets and while I recognize they are an immense help, I prefer sealing needles. The reason I switched to Reimu A was because of one woman: Patchouli. Fukkin. Knowledge.

Between stage 3 and stage 4, the games makes a great leap in difficulty, turn to face stage 3 and burn it with a flamethrower to secure no influence whatsoever. To put it simple, Patch here is HARD. NINTENDO HARD! I forgot how many times I died before I could even get her stage down. And to make matters worse, her spell arsenal changes depending on what character you choose. So, we have an asthmatic armed-to-the-teeth witch with spells worth four different magicians. Ultimately I found that using Reimu A results in the easier combination of spells with the added bonus of homing amulets. And by easier I mean less hard.

The stage itself is a very long stage where, unless you're crazy good AND lucky, you WILL use a bomb, be it in the books before Koakuma or towards the fairies in the end. So, with the exception of the Scarlet Devil herself, this is IMO the hardest stage in the playthrough. Oh, and Remi's stage is not that hard by itself, its hardiness comes from the bosses fights. Patch stage has some pretty precise streaming and at least two keys places where you will either have to act quick or bomb (or die if you don't have bombs).

As for the bosses themselves, Koakuma is not hard, even if I bombed. She can get you in tight spots if you're not careful. Patchouli, on the other hands, has both killer spells and nonspells. Took me a while to figure out what to do with those nonspells and I simply bombed my way through the spells. Oh well...

As for the character herself: Patch controls all the five elements plus two of the Japanese mythology: fire, water, earth, wood, and metal, plus sun and moon. That's the reason she's called the Weekly Witch, since every attribute is associate with a day of the week. Of Marisa's harem, I like Patch the third best, with second place being Nitori and first Flan. I like the character of Patchouli, but just like Meiling, is not something that wow me even if she is badass. I adore her cynical remarks though ^_^

I spoke already a lot about Patch in the Mystical Chain vid and I seriously don't recall any amazing doujin featuring her (though she's pretty awesome in Battle Royale by Acid Club East, even if she doesn't do anything). Oh, before I forget, since I've been using a lot of his/her images. The ending image was done by朱シオ , a pixiv user that do some pretty flashy and beautiful images. However, he/she has a tendency of circumventing modesty. For example, we have Tenshi standing, pretty normal as a matter of fact. Then we see she's standing over water that seems to be made out of silver, with a 99% reflection accuracy, and she's wearing a skirt. Doesn't really show much since the image is cut short, but still is enough to think twice before seeing it in public. Other than that, his/her work is outstanding. The faces might be a little generic, but still. Has my favorite design ever made for Koishi. Give it a check if you can =D

Title: 錬金術と黒魔術の書庫
Artist: ARA
Album: 桜 -SAKURA- 紅響楼閣
Circle: 趣味工房にんじんわいん (Hobby Atelier Carrot Wine)
Original: Voile, the Magic Library

Title: ラクトガール ~ 少女密室
Artist: Jun.A
Circle: 大江戸宅急便
Album: sepher.jp
Original: Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room

Ending Image: http://www.pixiv.net/member...

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