Imperishable Night: Last Word (Part 1)

Imperishable Night: Last Word (Part 1)
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"There are crappy last words, there are badass last words (shown at Cracked.com) and there are these Last Words"

High Definition (Definitely NOT Last Spell)
High Quality (Definitely Last Spells)
Second part (Definitely NOT Penultimate Words)

Hi there, been a long time since my latest video. So I'll update on my situation: Finally finished all my classes except Calculus and Humanity, which has me a little freak out due to some problems... Hopefully all that starts well ends well.

Second Fraps is really starting to piss me off. I have no idea how I will do on the heavier games if it can barely deal with IN. Sigh, why does fate plays merciless jokes on me ;_;.

Now, the video itself: I decided to divide the videos in two parts: This one feature the antagonist of the play, from Wriggle Nightbug, to Tei Inaba, to Fujiwara no Mokou. Since this is also part of the Last Spell set (I divide my video in sets for easy navigation through the files) I decided to use the same transition effect.

However, I opted to use each character's theme arranged rather than album songs. Since looking for... at least 16 different songs by different artists whose styles complement each other is simply not feasible in a short time, I decided to go with one artist who will not let me down and has the majority of his songs down the same path. All the songs in this video belong to dBu music and come from the Eternal Nocturne album, except Tei's which comes from Flower Divertimento, which has her Phantasmagoria theme.

I will tackle spells' specifics in the annotations, but when doing Last Words, "practice makes perfection". Except for a few, most Last Words have a little... "trick" behind them. A pattern, a technique, a sweetspot, something. This pretty much holds true for all spells pre MoF era, but some spells, like Scarlet Gensokyo, have pattern way more difficult to read and predict. Last Words are more like Maze of Love, hard to capture, but easy to understand their logic.

Anyways, I don't really have much to comment and I don't feel like commenting more either, so be sure to check the second part of this video.

But that's enough talking. Check the wiki for more info on the Touhou Project:



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